Monday, September 24, 2012

A few other fun shots from the first week of preschool and first grade! :)

                                                              Sister snuggle time
                                                      PT with Daddy before starting school
                                        Little Miss snoozing before the big "First Day of School"
                                                           Aliyah practicing writing
                                 Zion is reviewing letters which will make a scroll in a few days
                                                                          Nap time!
                                                                     cute little smiles
                                               Big brother to the rescue while Mommy cooks
                                          Gabe lines up the "babies" to listen to music and rest
                                                       "Trying" to make pots out of clay
Today was our "Exploration Day" for school. We went outside in the beautiful weather to observe "things near the ground". We looked at various types of dirt (though ours is largely rock), observed how ants are attracted to food both with and without disturbing the ant hill first, checked on our tadpoles we've been watching for 2 months now (some of them are getting rather big), and made a worm habitat which we will check after several days of being in the dark to see if they have made tunnels (I hope this works!). 

I am starting this to share photos and stories of our school days mostly. With family, and friends as close as family, in so many other places I thought this would be a good way to share life. I hope to at least post a little bit weekly, maybe more, but we'll just see how it goes. There is plenty here that keeps me busy so who knows! lol 
Anyway, now that I have this set up the sweet baby in my lap has fallen asleep so I think I am gonna run take that shower I first thought about 3 hours ago. :)