Saturday, December 1, 2012


             Princess Party

Our little princess turned 4 last weekend. Since her birthday is so near Thanksgiving she usually just has a family dinner not too much of a big party or anything. This year though she began asking for a "princess cake" back in early May. Mommy couldn't just let that go so a princess party I started planning. There are so many ideas out there and many of them were WAY more than I had tine, energy, or money for. I don't think any of the kids left without having a good time though. (and maybe not any of the adults either ;) )We had a balloon valence that "floated" (fishing line), streamers, and Christmas lights. Everyone decorated crowns, or shields for boys, then put on their princess dresses or capes. Adorned with royal attire and carrying wands or swords, we had a lead out announcing each child. The idea of chasing bubbles with our wands/swords ended quickly as the bubbles I bought wouldn't blow. lol Dancing with ribbon rings was a hit for the girls and the boys tried their hand at sword fighting. (are we surprised) Crown shaped sandwiches and an amazing princess cake (from Gabriela Wages) were the highlights of the edible kind. Not to mention a new (basically) princess bike and HUGE doll house mansion plus pony castle to go along with it!A big thank you to Ms. Lena and LaLa for helping make it happen for her. As well as everyone who came to enjoy and bless our little girl! Above all I think Princess Aliyah will remember her 4th birthday for some time! :) 

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