Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wow, a lot has happened since the last post. We have just been super busy! I love the Fall and it brings so many fun opportunities. (Not to mention the several week drama of having yellow jackets coming in the house from the nest they built IN the wall!!) In looking through pictures I realize i am going to need to make this 2 posts. We'll get the first one now and hopefully the second one later today. ;)

Dan and Zion went on their first Cub Scout  
 camp out last month! They had a lot of fun (despite Dan getting VERY cold during the night since he had given his sleeping bag liner to Zi) but didn't take many pictures. Zion got to shoot a BB gun and do some archery. He loved it! After this experience he is even more decided he wants a bow and arrow. At the scout award night for the month he received a belt loop for both of those activities and 3 achievement beads! He also earned and received his first patch the bobcat in October. Way to go Zi!! He is loving scouts and I think it will be a beneficial activity for him throughout the years. Only thing is I can't seem to convince Lia that she will never be a cub scout! lol She doesn't understand it's for boys and that girls have something different. She just thinks she's not old enough.

We've been doing a lot with school as well. I am really happy we made the curriculum change for 1st grade. Zion is doing very well with the phonics in it as well as the rest of the program as well. He was already doing pretty good with his reading lessons but was stuck on JUST the reading book. He is now moving out and working on reading other things and doing well. We've also gotten pretty consistent with adding in some preschool (as well as "calendar time") time most days as well. Aliyah of course loves this and begs to "do more preschool"! Sometimes this meaning the actual lessons/activities out of a preschool book and other times just worksheets, writing or cutting practice, or other learning activities. Gabriel on the other hand is interested in taking part on occasion but much of the time wants to just wreck the place. He he!! He has found a new love in our wooden trains, however, and will play with them for hours a day. I have decided that while there are some things I want to work with him on some developmentally (like talking for example) I am not going to push him to take part in school time right now. If he isn't causing trouble he's ok. ;)

We've been able to have school outside several days enjoying the Fall weather which has been really nice. In fact, those days Gabe seemed to really focus in and be involved so he must have liked it. Recently we've talked about plants, their various parts and how they grow. We are watching some beans that should be sprouting roots but so far nothing has happened with that. It might be a lesson in how things doing always work how you want them to. Also we've talked about rain, evaporation, clouds, etc. For this lesson we made a model lake to monitor the evaporation. Unfortunately since our "lake" was outside it got rained in before we could check for changes. We also have a rain gauge outside measuring rainfall. Another fun thing that has happened with school is that our "cousin" (best friend's daughter) got to come join us one day. All the kiddos loved having her join the "class" for the day and we hope she can do it again! I think Aliyah especially was happy to have another preschooler. ;)
Please excuse the crazy pics. I can't get the formatting right! :(  It's just going to have to work for now... Need to do school!

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