Monday, November 26, 2012

I am still working on remembering what all was supposed to go into the other Fall update I promised a few weeks ago. I think I am just going to write a little summary and then add some favorite pictures. ;) 
I mentioned last time how the Fall is my favorite season, there are so many FUN 
things to do this time of year and how busy we had (nothing has changed) been. I know I posted pics of scout award night and camp out, pumpkin patch, and Fall festival. We also had a zoo trip, library tour, trip to Oak Mountain State Park, and Nocolula Falls park. (last two forgot cameras sadly) More recently we had a Thanksgiving feast with our home school group where Zion quoted the opening scripture! Zion also participated in his first Rain Gutter Regata with Cub Scouts with the model boat he and Daddy made. All of us had a lot of fun at that event and Mommy got to meet several other homeschooling moms with large families. ;) The week leading up to Thanksgiving we took a break from our regular curriculum to do a Thanksgiving unit for school which was a lot of fun. I may do a separate post of pics from that. We took a day to visit the McWane Center science center with our membership and Gabriel was VERY excited to see the model train exhibit was already up and running. I think he could have watched ALL day long! We had a Thanksgiving dinner with church and Zion participated in his first children's choir musical. Then we had Thanksgiving lunch with my Dad's family at a church gym where the kids got to run around with 2nd cousins (lots of little ones!) and Lia's birthday was the next day. On her birthday some friends came over so the Mommies could work on craft stuff for Christmas (but they ended up only working on party decorations for the Princess Party the next day) and the Daddies and kiddos could hang out. Then we had the big Princess Party and that leads us up to today. I am sure I am leaving out something but eventually I will get better about posting more often so there isn't so much to catch up on. Oh.... on Thanksgiving day Miss Selah Grace rolled over twice but hasn't seemed to watch to repeat the activity yet. ;) Also forgot how much we like the "after Halloween sales on great costumes!

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